KRYSTALINE Add PLUS 2.5 main features


KRYSTALINE Add Plus 2.5 is a new generation high-performance admixture.

  • Available in predosed 1 kg water soluble bags to be added directly to the concrete mix.
  • Product certified by the British Board of Agrément with extremely favorable results. Agrément certificate no. 19/5612
  • Krystaline Add PLUS 2.5 effectively lowers the water/cement ratio by a much higher amount compared to normal crystalline admixtures.
  • Excellent slump retention.

  • Allows for removal of other admixtures such as super plasticizers, water reducers, set retarders etc., from the concrete and simply use Krystaline Add PLUS 2.5 to achieve High Durability concrete.
  • Waterproofs and improves the durability of concrete using hydrophilic, hydration enhancing, crystalline technology.